Jennifer Washington, LMT MA63819

Hi! I am Jennifer Washington, licensed massage therapist since 2012, and owner of Restore & Balance. I work with a variety of clients and  help people recovering from surgery, those with acute or chronic pain and individuals dealing with chronic stress.  

If you find yourself in pain or discomfort that affect your quality of life and even disrupt your your daily activities, you have found the right place.   Your healing is my focus.  I create a customized massage therapy experience based on your specific needs using cutting edge therapies to help relieve your pain, restore movement, and renew your hope of living pain free through non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.

I am trained in Therapeutic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy,  Visceral Manipulation, and Neural Reset Therapy, Microcurrent,  and Medicupping Therapy.  Knowledge of these skills allows me to better address each individual's needs. 

Jon Rios, LMT MA

My name is Jon Rios and I have the heart felt passion to assist clients to restore their health and wellbeing back to wholeness. 

 I facilitate general/specific and customizable sessions for clients that are unique to each clients needs on any level including the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual as they are all synergistic aspects of the whole. I take an Omni-directional approach in assisting clients to resolve and release trauma and pain, etc at the core causes and come out the other side anew higher version of themselves. 

 I have the heart felt passion to inspire and empower others to awaken the healer within  and I can also can teach the tools, techniques, and lifestyles of how to improve their Everyday Lives, thrive, and fulfill their Highest Potential. One of my greatest passions is to assist others in awakening and deepening their own direct connection and realization of their wholeness 

 I’m trained and experienced in a wide spectrum of Life Transformational modalities available today including my own creations.