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Jennifer Washington, LMT MA63819

Jennifer has practiced massage therapy professionally since 2011. Throughout her career, Jennifer has worked with a variety of clients. She has helped people recovering from surgery, those with acute or chronic pain and individuals dealing with chronic stress. Jennifer is devoted to helping her clients address a variety of issues: reduce pain, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce toxicity, reduce swelling, improve posture, immunity, increase mobility, as well as increase energy and vitality.

Jennifer provides Therapeutic Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Visceral Manipulation, and Neural Reset Therapy, or a combination of all. Knowledge of these skills allows her to better address each individual's needs. In addition to these different modalities, Jennifer implements various equipment/technology to enhance her clients well being/ recovery. A few examples are: frequency specific microcurrent, medicupping, and rife frequencies. She is dedicated to educating her clients. She believes when clients are more knowledgeable, they are more proactive and empowered. This allows them to play a bigger role in their own wellness regimen.

Melissa L

I am Florida's first Neural Reset Therapist. This is a state of the art pain relief modality. Just some of the things about NRT that you should know; pain-free, no oils or lotions needed, can be done over clothing, lasting relief. I have been ridding people of Migraines, easing Fibromyalgia pain, neck and back pain, elevating muscle spasms faster than regular treatments with better results, chronic pain, Plantar fasciitis, and on.....